Welcome to my wood shop. I enjoy working with wood and custom building things. I built a 24 x 60 foot garage and have my shop in the garage. We remolded the garage a couple years ago, after about 28 years I painted it and built an office in it. The office also acts as a place to keep my fishing, bowling and any other entertainment equipment. I need to put a dust collection system in, just haven't gotten it done yet. Here are some pictures of the major equipment in my shop,
This is a table that we built for the shop. It is portable as it is on wheels. I can plug the table into electricity and have outlets on all courners of the table. It also stores a lot of smaller tools. The planer found a home on it.
Just cant get along without a good table saw
Radial Arm Saw
Drill Press
Router Table is a must, and a lot of different router bits. This makes for a lot of interesting things you can do with edges
The Jointer makes a lot of things so much easier
The Scroll Saw makes cutting fancy work a pice of cake. At least after you have used it a while.
This is a work horse, A double bevel compound miter saw.
You may go on and look at some of the projects I have built, or you can go to the main page. The project is a display stand.