My SETI Farm has a new home. Last Winter (about a year ago) I had a really good idea, I decided to rebuild our basement. So I went and got a hammer and recking bar and started to destroy our basement. The first thing to do was to build the new location for the SETI farm.I have finished that location plus part of the game room, the bathroom is mostly done. Now then the kitchenet is started and the rest of the game room is in shambles. I have left the two bedrooms alone so they can still be used. There turn will come. This is an ongoing project as I only get to work on it in my spare (????) time. Anyway here are some pics of my SETI farms new home.
The book SETI Pioneers, by David W. Swift.
Makes some interesting reading. The desk top is made from an oak floor from someones house long ago gone. It took some major work to return it to its true beauty.
Part of my gun collection, I need to find a place for my hand guns.
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