We had seen some ponds in friends yard and thought we would like to have one. The people we talked to said it was easy and not real expensive. So we decided to try our hand at building a Koi pond. We didn't know much about it, so we did some reading and listened to the experts at Wards Garden Center in GardenCity, Kansas.
You need to have a really good idea of what you want to do. You may not know how to do it but you need to know what you want.
The first thing to do when building a pond is to dig a hole. So you need to get a shovel and start digging. I found this kind of shovel workes a lot easier that some other kinds of shovel.
Size and shape of the pond is up to you so it is easy to do what you want. Pond liners are very felxable. You don't want a plain bottom so give it a little bit of shape.
One other thing, you need to keep in constant touch with your boss You may be doing things over if you don''t.
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