Photos from around the yard.
Under construction
This is an American Elm tree in our front yard. I have taken several pics of it during the year. The last ones were of the damage done to it during an ice storm this year.
Click the pic above to see some pics around the yard
This is the Tree.
We have had this tree for over 30 years and it has always shaded the deck. We have been having limbs break out for the last few years, so we called in some tree experts. The experts told us we needed to remove the tree as it was very old and would continue to have limbs break out. Consern over having a limb fall on the house forced us to remove it. This Lnk will take you to the some views of the tree and the removal of the tree.
This link will take you to some pics of the pets we have around here.
Some neat pics of a butterfly.
We had a bad ice storm a this year. Then we had snow on top of the ice. Here are some pics from our place and some around town.
Our apple tree and part of the  north tree row.
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