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Ok everyone I'm going to try this but no promises. I hope I get the names in the right place. Jody Gagnon sent these to me. If you take the time to send them I will get them put up. Thanks Jody for sending these to me. Feel free to send more if you want to.
Stacey, Darren holding Silas and Bailey, Jody and Duane standing, Mindi holding Kaitlyn, Don holding Jami, Kristi holding Taylor and Eli or Eli and Taylor, Dainal standing
Darren holding Silas, Stacey holding Bailey, Kristi holding Taylor, Jody, Duane, Don holding Jami, Mindi holding Kaitlyn and on the floor Daniel holding Eli
Silas, Eli, Taylor, Bailey, Kaitlyn holding Jami
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