2006 Wheeler Cousins Reunion
Wheeler Cousins gathered September 1, 2, 3, & 4 at the Commercial Building in Ulysses, KS.  Alta Wheeler Adair, Vina Wheeler Parker Fellers, Doris Wheeler Brewer Hampton, Russell Wheeler, and Jay Wheeler were represented by the attendance of their children; Tony Adair, Lloyd Parker, Leta Parker Black, Zorhayda Brewer Sears, Wayne Hampton, Roger Wheeler, Patsy Wheeler Wormus, Leora Lynne Wheeler Webber, Rick Wheeler, Ron Wheeler, Zana Wheeler Rudzik.  Aunt Opal Smith and Marshall Smith cancelled due to a family death. 
Our sympathy is extended to the Brewer Hampton family in the death of their brother, Bill Brewer and to the Smith family.
Last fall we called an impromptu ?reunion? for all who could attend to gather once again with Jaynelle while she was well enough to enjoy the visit.  At that time, we discussed trying to ?restart? our reunions.  When we first started, nearly all our aunts and uncles were living.  Today, we have only Aunt Opal, having lost Aunt Vina earlier this year.  We discussed various options and ideas and decided to call a reunion Labor Day weekend, 2006 in Ulysses.  One of our objectives at this reunion was to get reacquainted, share some family information, and update the family history. 
Our reunion started out Friday afternoon with cousins arriving with tons of wonderful pictures, letters, news clippings, videos, picture albums and stories to tell.  Tables were set up to display as the boxes of items arrived.  Lloyd had the family history records that Auntie K started years ago.  We decided the records are about 20 years behind?.so, we have a little work to do!  (Please send your family info (marriages, births, deaths, etc) to Lloyd so he can complete this task.  I believe it was Lloyd that had a number of original letters from Grandpa?s Father (John D Wheeler) that were written in the year 1900.  What fun!  We had a riot reading those.  Grandpa?s little sister (actually a half-sister) had written in some of them.  We connected pictures to the people.  There was just something extremely special about all this ?connection? that was happening.  Maybe I?m just at a point in my life where this genealogy is catching my attention, but many of these names had really meant nothing to me before.  Now, after studying and sharing all this ?stuff?, I feel like I ?know? some of my ancestors.  Lela Adams Aydelott had shared a ton of family information on Grandma?s line.  Lela is related through Grandma?s older brother Andrew Jackson Welker.  I was truly excited to learn about Grandma?s family as Grandma never talked about her family to me.  Her family was kind of a mystery, and somewhat remains so, as there seems to be no record of what happened to her mother (our great-grandmother).  Tony and Pat Adair were going to try to attend the Lynch Reunion (this is Grandma?s family line) the 10th of September.  My daughter, Artrisha and her husband represented our family at this reunion several years ago.   
Saturday, we continued sharing info, keeping the copier busy and welcoming more cousins.  What a surprise when Wayne Hampton walked in the door!  He and Zorhayda had traveled to Black, Alabama to Bill?s funeral and Wayne decided to drive out of his way to see us.  He was here only a couple hours, but we were thrilled to have the opportunity to see him.  We worked on updating the history pages and decided that Lloyd will check into some programs or sites and select what he feels is best for us to use.  He?s contemplating something we can all access as we want the information and, also, can update our own histories.  He will keep us informed.  The next reunion was discussed extensively.  Lots of discussion ensued considering kids or not, time of year, activities, food, location?????  We finally decided we want our kids to get to know each other so that we might instill in them the desire to organize ?Cousins Reunions?.  This means a larger group and a need for activities for all ages.  Also, this means we must schedule when school is not in session.  We hashed out a number of ideas, and decided to try to return to Fort Robinson in Nebraska.  Some of you will remember this site for our reunion about 20 years ago, hosted by Patsy & Sam Wormus.  This location will allow us room for our numbers and a variety of activities.  We selected a probable June or July date in 2008.  No one volunteered to host the reunion, so Pat Adair said she would co-host with Patsy Wormus.  Patsy agreed to help as she could.  Pat will be compiling a communication with info needed from all of you soon.  Please respond promptly.  We look forward to a "Super Wheeler Cousins Reunion" in 2008.
Sunday we made homemade ice cream and visited our family graves at the cemetery.
 Monday morning those who were remaining in town enjoyed brunch at Zana?s home.
I certainly hope all of you attending had as much fun as I did.  It was our pleasure to have you visit ?home? again.  I?m sure we all learned ?something? we didn?t know.  We sure would like to have had Aunt Opal here to identify pictures and tell us stories of her childhood.  We will all remember this time we had together and wish more of you could have joined us.  Let?s all try to get our families to the next reunion----you know the year!
My thanks to each of you who so willingly assisted with set-up and clean up and to my siblings, Patsy, Lynne, Rick and Ron for all your varied assistance.  Keep in touch!! 
Love you all,
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Just added developing plans for the
2008 reunion.